My site is currently a set of links to various projects, but it’s a start!  My blog on this site is a set of essays on topics that strike my fancy, with no single focus.

Please visit my LinkedIn site to learn more about my business career.
Please click on Music at the top of the page to learn about my part-time music career.

Food and Travel
I am a foodie, and began my own restaurant blog that is linked to Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon)
My blog:  Good Meal, Good Life
Zomato page:  My Zomato

I like TripAdvisor for hotels and sites:
My TripAdvisor Reviews

The following are WordPress.com sites I created and continue to manage as a volunteer:
Wesley Series
Stoney Creek Place POA

Music Criticism
Whenever I go to a concert or opera, I like to share my thoughts:
Music Notes and Afterthoughts

Although in the past I was much more of a cyclist, I like doing 5k races, but I seem to always land on the top of the last page of results.
My Results


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