Email and Generational Differences

As I continue my search for a new career opportunity, I am struck by some of the wisdom of the outplacement help that I received.  One online class spoke of the differences in generation, within the four categorizations:

* Traditionalist
* Baby Boomer
* Gen X
* Millenial (Gen Y)

As a mature “Gen X”, which means I was born just after the end of the Baby Boom, I am struck by my tendencies.  I LOVE email, I’m comfortable on the phone, use IM when appropriate at work, but rarely text in my personal life.  That seems to me to be the perfect solution.  Unfortunately, not everyone agrees!

I’m in the middle of the technology curve, between some Traditionalists who want nothing to do with a computer, and some Millenials who answer nothing but a text.  Though there are obviously some in both groups for whom email works fine, one needs to get the job done, or the response required.  Whether that’s picking up the telephone, sending an IM or text, or shock of shocks, making an in-person visit, I need to be flexible!

Sometimes there are surprises.  Twitter can be a great tool for getting quick customer service, especially in the travel industry.  Google Voice is great for saving on long distance, and doubles if you ever have to send a text.  Facebook and Twitter an be a great way to score discounts that aren’t available through more traditional means.

So, while I remain flexible, what was that email I forgot to write?!



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